The Raph Species are life-forms born of the cursed Noafumi's research to revive Raphtalia. They seem to understand human language in some respects and are greatly different from the Philo Rials. They’re of gentle disposition and would probably make for nice pets.

Their subspecies are also quite diverse. The cursed Naofumi remade a new generation every day for week. He made battle models, final weapon models, and some other specialized ones. They got closer and closer in appearance to Raphtalia. No one knows what became of the eighth generation. There may be one exactly like the original walking around.

There are eight generations of the Raph Species, these include: The Raph Race, Tali Race, Riya Race, Rafuta Race, Taria Race, Ria Race, Tari Race, and Liia Race. Incidentally, the Raphs that turned wild extended their influence and now they’ve created an ecosystem in Naofumi's territory.

The Raphs aren’t as fast as Philo Rials, but they can use illusionary magic like Raphtalia. If one loses sight of reality, then they can easily sneak through their defense. And also, they have their numbers. The Raphs have better fuel efficiency than expected, they’re light eaters and omnivorous.

Raph Race Edit

The Raph race is reminiscent to a mix of a raccoon, tanuki, and red panda.

Its chi, smell, and voice are somewhat reminiscent of Raphtalia. Its looks are completely different, but its tail and the feeling that Naofumi get are similar.


They were given the ability to fight. The Raph race is able to use illusion magic.

Tali Race Edit

The second generation Raphs were made with fixing the low abilities of the first generation in mind. Their base abilities and intelligence were increased. Their appearance is as of yet the same, but they are more powerful than the first generation. The Tali race was made in a form closer to that of humans, hence bipedal.


The subspecies that were originally Caterpillands, can pull carriages like the Philo Rials. Looking at their integration, they can take on a role in combat or peddling. Their appearance is of a jumbo Raph, and a few traces remained in its tail. To explain these traces, there were caterpillar legs still attached to its tail. Rather than a tail, it seems to be more like an insect’s abdomen.

Seventh GenerationEdit

A super deformed Raphtalia-esque lifeform. If one changes their viewpoint, she looks a little like Raphtalia when she was small. Even in this form, all she says is Rafu.

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